Network Status Alerts

8JA2 Planned Equipment Upgrade CompletedAllDayRTK Operations team advise the outage for the base at 8JAN (Jandakot WA) to update antenna and GNSS Receiver, has now been completed. A Topcon Net-G5 GNSS Receiver has replaced the Topcon Net-G3 originally installed. Similarly, a Topcon G5-A1 Antenna has replaced the previously installed Topcon CR-G3 Antenna. Please see Attached PDF for more information.10/12/2018 031/01/2019 0INFO
4NRH - Offline (To be redeployed)The AllDayRTK Operations Team advise that the CORS Base at 4NRH (Nth Rockhampton QLD) will be offline from 19th October 2018 due to the site for this base no longer being available. AllDayRTK Operations will be looking to redeploy this base to a new location in the near future.19/10/2018 0:00:0022/12/2018 0:00:00INFO

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