Network Status Alerts

ADR Advisory - 2GNPAllDayRTK operations advise that the Glenmore Park base (2GNP) is offline due to a faulty modem.21/08/2019 00:00:0025/08/2019 00:00:00INFO
ADR Advisory - 3WNBAllDayRTK Operations advise that the Base at Warnambool, VIC (3WNB) is offline due to connectivity issues on site.21/08/2019 00:00:0031/08/2019 00:00:00ALERT
IP ChangeChange of IP Address
30/06/2019 00:00:0030/12/2019 00:00:00INFO
ADR-Advisory-4CDAAllDayRTK Operations advise the base station at Chinderah, NSW (4CDA) is offline due to equipment related issues at the site.20/05/2019 00:00:0031/12/2019 00:00:00ALERT

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