Network Status Alerts

ADR Advisory - Planned Maintenance Dandenong BasesThe AllDayRTK team advice that the Dandenong South bases of 3DA2, 3DA3 will experience intermittent outages due to planned maintenance.14/04/2021 17:0014/04/2021 20:00ALERT
ADR Advisory - 7 WA Bases OfflineThe AllDayRTK team advice that due to the recent weather in WA multiple sites are currently offline.12/04/2021 00:0017/04/2021 00:00OUTAGE
ADR Advisory - 6HSPAllDayRTK operations advise that the GDA2020 and GDA94 coordinates for the Howard Springs base station (6HSP) have been updated.09/04/2021 00:0009/07/2021 00:00ALERT
ADR Advisory - Regulation 13 Coordinate UpdateAllDayRTK operations advise that the GDA2020 coordinates for 16 base stations have been updated with new Regulation 13 Certificates.01/04/2021 24:0001/06/2021 00:00INFO
ADR Advisory - Planned MaintenanceThe AllDayRTK team advice that multiple 3rd party sites using VSAT communications may experience intermittent outages due to planned maintenance.31/03/2021 17:1706/04/2021 16.25ALERT
ADR Advisory - 3CLACIn order to continuously improve our network, AllDayRTK operations advise that the coordinates for the Colac (3CLAC) base station have been updated.
05/03/2021 18:0031/03/2021 00:00ALERT
ADR Advisory - Connection Settings FactsheetNew customer recommended settings factsheet. Details networks, ports and mountpoint options.05/11/2020 00:0005/11/2021 00:00INFO
ADR Advisory - 4GLDAllDayRTK operations advise that the Gladstone base (4GLD), in Queensland has been decommissioned.07/09/2020 00:00:0015/05/2021 00:00:00ALERT

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